“Young Turing Program” 

It is now the era that software defines everything. 

Learning in programming competitions inspires young students’ interests and enthusiasm for coding design and starts the connection between students and the industry in the meantime. Students have the chance to ponder their influences on the future development of software.

“Young Turing Program” extensively invites overseas students to participate in the competition in the hope of facilitating global interactions. In addition to continuously support outstanding software talents in Taiwan to cultivate global perspectives, the program plans to have overseas students interact and learn.

The rapid development of information technology has changed humans’ daily life and defied our imaginations but also created numerous new opportunities. The key giving rise to these tremendous changes lies in the development of software. It is now the era that software defines everything. Software and professional people will become the most crucial power for industrial development and national advances.

“Young Turing Program”, named after the Father of Computer Science Alan Turing, hopes to assist excellent youngsters in possessing the international view and perspective. It also aims at building a global stage for young talents in software through coding competitions and the learning opportunity to interact with the world. Moreover, the program encourages skilled youngsters to devote themselves to the software industry so as to accelerate the development of software ecosystem!

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The sixth Young Turing Program will invite certain overseas competitors who are current students at the public or private “senior high schools / vocational schools” , graduates included, to join the Online Pretest, and the organizer will notify those who are eligible to participate in “Coding Champ Challenge” based on the results of online pretest.

All students who complete the “Coding Champ Challenge” will receive a certificate for honoring their efforts and devotion to programming and courage to challenge themselves to the next level.

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